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Progress Log


2/5/2001:  I forgot about this log.  I've been open for a while now, with bathroom, water, heat, all the comforts of home except for a kitchen sink.  I don't think I really need that other than to complete the small kitchen section.

11/28/2000:  We have had heat for a while, water lines are in place. just need to install sinks, toilet, shower, and then fine turn the decor.  Holidays coming up may put the decor off for a while but it sure looks good to me.

10/3/2000:  The furnaces are in place, the wires are in place, the fuel is ordered and will be here Friday along with the digging for the water line.  My husband is on a roll now and I will need to pick out some hand towels for the bathroom very soon....probably purple or some variation of it.

8/13/2000:  My husband wants Phase II & III posted...The central air is in and runs better than our home's air.  The furnace will go in very soon with the bathroom at the same time because of the digging involved in our back yard.  The less digging, the better.  Then Phases V, VI, etc...have not been fully planned yet but I have flashes of thought brewing:  Paving the drive, a sidewalk straight to the stairs, a fountain along the way, close in the deck for a waiting room that is climate controlled, another building for the we're getting a little grandeious and it would be way too much activity for it to be relaxing...forget the center.  

6/20/2000:  I am open for clients now.  Phase I is complete.  Pictures:  Art Studio / Office.  Phase II & III are just details and boring so no more updates for the art studio/office.

6/13/2000:  Time is running out, gotta speed this up, have clients waiting...gotta go, no time to update.

6/11/2000:  Phew!!! Need more trim, another book case, foam brushes...upper cabinets are ordered, inside doors are up, window frames are painted...need light switch plates, bought an office frig., painted some old metal shelves match...oh dear, I forgot what they match.

6/4/2000:  The floor took a while to dry, we're running a little later that anticipated, negotiating about the trim, and the windows are going to need some work.  That's what happens when the building shifts over time...everything is lop-sided.  It's still moving right along though.  I am visualizing the decor, although not designer label, it will be comfortable, not much new, just recycled things and a few nic-nacs.  Some of the things have been around for a while, waiting for a place to the tiffany lamp that Steve made many moons ago, the futon that belonged to my son when he was in college, a hot plate that was my grandmother's, an old table top bake oven, some old metal file cabinets (will be painted), a room size rug from my old living room, 3 mosaic tiled tables that came from a restaurant I used to work at when I was in college.  I think all this has been in the working for many years.  This is fun!

5/31/2000:  Floor is glows in there.  Trim goes on this weekend...maybe some furniture.

5/27/2000:  Walls are up and painted.  Floor is prepped for tomorrow's "Passion" porch paint.  Ceiling fans are up.  I've picked out the hand towels and soap dish for the bathroom although the bathroom is gonna come last.  There is this really cool looking chair that I want from Carol House but it is the kind of chair that one has to build around or not get... so I will be looking at it again.  My husband talked me into light oak trim to break the brightness of the walls and floor.  I could change my mind last minute.  It looks like my office could be ready enough to use in June.  Finishing touches can be done later.

5/15/2000:  Still finishing off the drywall, was a bigger job than we thought.  Paint is bought for walls and floor.  The actual floor color is "Passion".  I had it mixed in porch paint from a recipe for another kind of paint.  It won't be long.

5/9/2000:  Drywall is up. Finishing off is this weekend...then paint walls and floor.  I picked the color for the floors...Plum!

5/5/2000:  Counting down...the insulation is up, drywall is bought and sitting under the deck ready for tomorrow.

5/4/2000:  The insulation is going up as I type.  Drywall this weekend.  Pictures soon to come!

4/26/2000:  The structures for the vaulted ceiling are in place...almost ready to cut away the old ceiling.  Then fine tune the corners and spots of insulation, add the wiring for the lights from the ceiling and the dry wall guys are coming this weekend.  I was told that boat paint is not what I need for the is porch paint...I hope I can find the right color. Pictures Coming Soon-Future Link: Art Studio / Office

4/14/2000:  The structures for the walls are up identifying the art room with mini kitchen, an office, and bathroom.  The art room will have a vaulted ceiling for creativity to float around in (not too high that we can't reach it though), with track lights focused in the directions I desire. A few comfie chairs or a futon should be enough furniture and of course the traditional art table and some folding chairs....oh yes, and shelves....The office will be traditional to a point but no gray colors...probably a desk but I will try not to have it too stuffie looking.  Again, there needs to be shelves for the many really good books I have collected.  The bathroom is simple...a shower, toilet, and a pedestal sink (small and neat)....and a cabinet for things.  The mini kitchen will have small apartment size stove and refrigerator for cappuccino, cheese, fruit, you know...things like that....nothing too heavy.  Right now the plan is to paint the floor with a purple-ish/mauve-ish boat paint for color (I will probably have to special order it or mix it myself) and durability. I will put pretty rugs down in strategic places.  The next thing right now is getting the vaulted ceiling ready to put the dry wall up....should be next weekend.

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