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Directions to Debbie Urban’s Office

If you are coming from House Springs. going on M, towards 55, go to Catlin Road, which is at the stop light before you get to 55 and is between the Walgreen's and 7-11 on the left. Make a left on Catlin Road .

If you are going either south or north on 55, the exits (185) are similar other than going south you would exit to the right before M and going north you would go over M and then exit to the right, at the M/Barnhart/Antonio exit. Make a right on to M at the end of either exit. Go to Catlin Road , which is between the Walgreen’s and 7-11 on the right, and make a right

After you are on Catlin Road , go short way to stop sign, which is at Old M, and make a right. It looks like you are heading to 55. Ignore the "Dead End" sign. Stay on Old M past a church with a large yard on the right. The road curves to the left as you get closer to 55 and then looks like it turns into the outer road to 55.  Make a left on the 1st road just after the curve. This road has a stop sign for those coming out, is black topped, and does not have a road sign. It is actually " Haven Hill Road ." Follow this road, curving to right, past a small warehouse on the left and then a blue & white English-looking house on left.

You will then come to 3 mail boxes on right at a sort-of fork in road. On right is a white farm house with a "No trespassing" sign on large white pillars. Go left further into the woods where the road turns to white gravel. You might see horses on the right and there are woods on the left.

You will come up on a 5th Wheel Toy Hauler on the left. Then the 2-car/2-story garage, the 2-story house, and a one-car garage up a little further. The siding is a cream-yellowish with white trim and green shutters.

My office is in the 1st building on left, the 2-car garage, on the upper level.

You can park in front (gravel right now) and walk down the steps in middle of the yard (Watch your step!) towards the breeze-way between the main house (6767 on the front door) and the 2-car garage. Go through the breezeway to the deck, and then left up the stairs on the left, behind the 2-car garage.

You are there.

The actual address is 6767 Haven Hill Road , Barnhart , Mo. 63012 .

If you get lost, call 314-304-2942 .