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Very Easy Coping Skills:

Call a friend, weekly.  A supportive friend can help lift moderate depression from 39% to 65%, without anti-depressant medication and counseling, also reducing stress, which helps your immune system, which in turn can affect your resistance to disease and cancer. 

Get a pet of your choice.  Pets can sooth you with their unconditional love.  I have heard that this also lowers blood pressure.

Practice self soothing things like:

Take a long slow bath with bubbles (or a shower), candles, and music.  Use a loofa or body brush.

Take a walk and breath in fresh air (as fresh as you can get it...I would think that walking around trees can help with that).

Allow yourself to not think (this is my favorite) for a while each day.  Finding a way to do that is very hard for some but if you will practice listening to yourself for a moment, you will discover the quietness of your own peace.  This will help you get through a stressful day.

Turn the phones down (or even off if you will be tempted to answer), put the answering machine on for the day, or however long you can.

Put cream on your feet and the feet thing again...or even someone into doing it for you.

This one is going to sound kind of silly but if you put the backs of your knees in the sun it is supposed to raise your mood.  There has been studies about the cells back there that are supposed to be sensitive to light and stimulate the anti-depressant chemicals in the brain....Hey, I've tried it and it works.