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Having been a 60's Teen, then single mother, waitress, student for many years, and now happily married with 3 grandchildren (pix below), I feel I can draw from both my personal experience and professional training in working with my clients.

This is Ben, born April 9, 2003.

3 years old here.











This is Grace Marie, born Oct.15, 2006 at 5:51 AM.




This is my son, Keith, his wife, Pam, Ben, and Grace:

My step son, James, his wife, Katrina, and their son, Thunder, are somewhat shy when it comes to pictures. As soon as I can talk them into a family pix, I will put it up.

This is Thunder James










My hobbies are walking dogs, painting, drawing, jeeping, and making web pages without knowing HTML.

My Animal Friends link

The following are a few of my own pieces of art work:

"Night Flight"


"Cave Ghost with Scary Mask"

"Dream Kitties"

"Stressed Mother with Child"

"Triangular Affairs"

"Cat Tails"


For Sale:

Debbie's Kiln (Sold)

Play-Mor 5th Wheel Toy Hauler (SOLD)